Saturday, November 12, 2011

Make Ahead Meals: Mango, Pork and Watercress Salad

And we're back!  Just in time for me to start a new month of MAM, let's continue the recap of last month's successes and alterations.  I have to admit this recipe gave me pause.  I only started eating pork about 5 years ago, I've never been a fan of mango and I'm not sure I have ever even eaten watercress... So this was going to be a taste adventure!  (or disaster...)
The salad came together very easily as most salads should.  There was absolutely no cooking involved which is great for a week night.  I forgot to save one bell pepper from my pepper roasting extravaganza so I didn't have a raw pepper to throw into it.  I think it would have done just fine in the mix.  This recipe also calls for toasted almonds and I always hesitate to put nuts in food, but just like the olives were great in the shrimp and rice dish, the almonds definitely served their purpose in this dish.  Overall, I liked this salad a lot and look forward to having it again this month!  Keep in mind that once again you are pulling the pork either out of the fridge or freezer and act accordingly.  In a salad, cold pork isn't so bad but frozen is!

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