Sunday, November 20, 2011

Easy Brunswick Stew

The only soup I have ever been able to come up with that uses pork is an Asian inspired one that involves garlic and ginger and scallions and noodles and is super yummy.  I'll have to post that one someday.  So when I saw that this was a recipe for using pork in a soup I was definitely intrigued.  I'm a big fan of stews but I have never heard of Brunswick stew.  This stew is truly easy to make.  It uses a lot of vegetables, so it's healthy, too.  I don't think I had ever had okra before I came across this recipe, so I was a little nervous about using it.  I'm also not a fan of peas in general but the peas I used for the pilaf were nice so I figured I'd give it a whirl.  Now, once again keep in mind that you are taking thawed items and putting them in this stew.  I don't care what the directions say, it takes longer than 5 minutes to get everything heated up.  At least on my crappy electric stove anyway.  Also, I usually cook on instinct so I'm not a big measure-er.  This kind of messed me up with this recipe because I wasn't paying attention to the directions and just started dumping veggies in and well, I bought the wrong size packages and ended up with about double the number of veggies I was supposed to put into the soup!  So now it was a veggie soup with some pork in it!  It actually tasted pretty good and was very thick.  I liked it a lot and will definitely make it again.  The only difference will be that I will be a little more true to the measurements!  Oh and I'll probably put whatever vegetables I feel like putting in there instead of sticking with the list.  But the okra really wasn't bad!

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