Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fusilli with Chicken and Tomato Sauce

This recipe was really a no brainer in the sense that how could homemade tomato sauce and roasted chicken be bad?  Fusilli with Chicken and Tomato Sauce was incredibly simple to make.  Make sure you don't forget to reserve that pasta water!  It makes any sauce better. :-)  The only thing that tripped me up in this recipe was the mozzarella cheese.  The description calls for "6 oz. mozzarella, diced (1 1/2 cups)" but doesn't say whether it is fresh mozzarella or regular mozzarella.  I went with the fresh and honestly it didn't do the fresh mozzarella justice.  It became very melty and stringy and not really worth the effort.  Save the money and buy regular!  I'll be making this recipe again sometime this week without the fresh mozz so hopefully I will see a difference.  We really enjoyed this recipe and we will definitely be making it again.


  1. this sounds yummy. i want some. :)

  2. It was! And you don't have use the homemade tomato sauce to make it, you could use jarred sauce if there's one that you really like. I made the shrimp and rice dish with jarred sauce last night and it was yummy! If you don't like shrimp, you can always use chicken in that one, too!