Monday, August 15, 2011

Ode to the Bean

How (Why) do I love Thee....

Let me count the ways...

10. Because you came back for me.
9. Because you showed me there was more to life than the Poconos.
8. Because you loved me when I was young and bitchy.
7. Because you loved me when I was still bitchy and a little more curvy.
6. Because you taught me to love WINE!
5. Because you brought me into your family.
4. Because you accepted the wackiness of my family.
3. Because you brought cats into my life.
2. Because you have unwavering faith me.
1. Because you are you.

Happy 10th Anniversary!

Tomorrow I will attempt to recount our lovely 10th anniversary which included going back to the first place we ever went on a date together.

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