Sunday, July 10, 2011

Columbia Crest Chardonnay

Hey there!  Welcome to Mental Notes.  I spend a lot of my time thinking about all the great beer and wine that I have drunk over the years and then promptly forget about them (probably due to their alcohol content)!

So the first item that I'm going to talk about is Columbia Crest Chardonnay.  I'm a big fan of white wine in the summer time and this Chardonnay really delivers.  It's crisp yet smooth and buttery.  It has a delicious finish that hints at vanilla.  This Chardonnay doesn't have the huge overpowering flavor of some Chardonnays and would easily pair with a nice chicken and pasta dish or a vegetarian dish with an olive oil sauce.

Thanks for stopping by.  Keep your eyes open for a lot more delicious food, wine, beer and whatever else crosses my mind!

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